Work days, Worse Days

We try to tell ourselves we have to tolerate and accept the mental abuse at the work. Most of us live a pretty decent life but dread the workplace. So much confusion, stress and brutal behavior.

Most of the stress is not from the job it self but from those who give us the job and those who has the authority over us for a couple of hours for the day. Let us not confused ourselves, do we hate the job or those who are in authority?

The Truth.

Mind’s Playing Trick

Have you ever forgotten where you place your keys or any other important documents? You search for hours physically and mentally.

You remember every action and location where you have been but can’t seem to place your mind or memory on the item.

I take comfort in the fact that everyone goes through these mind games. It’s just your mind playing trick on you. So I go along with the ride and have a good laugh. If my mind is having fun why shouldn’t I?

And that’s TheTruth!

The mind’s Eye.

What if we could really control our mind in totality. Always focus, always on point. We would be champions of our purpose and our soul. We would never divert from a cause or mission. It’s a beautiful thing to control our mind, direct our path. But most of us fail to direct our eyes much more our mind which is far more complex than our eyes.

The eye goes where the mind goes, our life goes in the direction of our mind. So be careful what you’re thinking because you are where you are because of you’re mind.

The Truth

Mind Over Matter

We are a busy generation so to speak. We hustle and bustle throughout the days trying to fit ourselves into our to-do list. With all the distractions around and within are we really getting it done and at what cost? When was the last time you spent some quality time with that one single thought in your head? It’s one of the most difficult thing I have ever done. My mind wouldn’t allow it. I struggle to focus and centered one thing and it wasn’t happening. Lol. Even in my mediation my mind drifted to other things.

How do we un- busy ourselves, if there is such a word. Is it all in mind or is it programmed in our head for such a time as this? I challenge you whenever you make your to-do list pack in some alone time with your thoughts and see how it goes!!


We welcome the New year by celebrating in our different ways. We make our resolutions. Some do and some don’t. I took the opportunity to carefully look at the word. Resolutions. The prefix “re” means to go back, do over. Solutions means to solve or complete task or projects incomplete. So if you didn’t have something doing it’s kinda difficult for you to make a Resolution. There is so much going on with this word as I looked at the root word Solve and Resolute all apart of the word Resolution. You have to be determined to solve or complete any journey or task that you undertaken or that was assigned to you.

The only problem is some people keep repeating the same Resolutions every year. This is cause for concern. I will never say you’re insane but probably you are not Resolute enough to do anything..

And that’s the Truth.


I recently discovered an article on savings, The Stingy Saver. The information is relevant and methods pratical. For my New years Resolution its savings all the way. I have accomplished nearly all my other goals and need some assistance with Savings and Budgeting. Let me know where all the sites are on good money management.

The Truth

Just For Clarity

I just have the need to clarify some roles and positions in this society that is quite mind bobbling.

You are NOT a stay at home mom if you’re at home looking for a job……… You’re unemployed!
You’re NOT working from home if all you do is chores!!

You are only single if YOU are refusing to date; not if dates are refusing you!!!
Procrastination  is for persons who has something to do; if you really don’t have anything to do, chances are you’re just lazy!!

Staying in a bad relationship is not because  of  lack of self-esteem and confidence; chances are you have perfected the art of lying. You have been doing it to yourself and others.

We all have power, whether it is staying power, reviving power, deciding power the only problem is we all apply it to the wrong suitation in our lives.

And that’s the Truth. Peace.


Are you truly happy? First let’s us look at being sad and what makes us sad. If you’re putting your trust in friends and family chances are you will be sad. If you believe that your new lover wont betray you and your trust chances are you’re climbing the ladder of sadness without knowing it. If you fool yourself into  believing nothing bad will ever happen to you. Destination unhappy is fast approaching.
Happiness lies in the reality of knowing that life is full of obstacles but you’re equip to deal with anything situation  that presents itself. I guess happiness lies in the strength and character of an individual who doesn’t depend on anyone or circumstances to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart. 💖💝